How To Start A Blog

Blogging is super easy and fun for all walks of life. Here are my top blogging platform picks. Start publishing today for fun and maybe turn your passion into dollars!


Where To Begin

Whether you are a writer, author, traveler, specialist in a particular field, have a passion for a particular topic or hobby, or whathaveyou, starting a blog is Always a Great idea!  Not only does it help to share your ideas and passions with the world, writing a blog is a fantastic way to generate internet traffic and build an online community.

Ok, assuming you've decided to dive into the world of blogging, now it's time to determine what platform best suits your style and needs.  There are endless free blogging options out there. Here I will list just a few of the most popular platforms—ones that I personally have utilized at one time or
another.—Wildly popular for bloggers as well as businesses. Their customization options, plugins and endless selection of website/blog templates make them one of the most popular platforms. The only downside I find with Wordpress for blogging is that if you ever intend to monetize your blog (adding affiliate advertising and/or a service such as Google Adsense), you will need to upgrade your free site to a paid site. For me personally, this is a bit of a bummer. Another note regarding Google Adsense (if you chose to pay the yearly fee to Wordpress to be able to monetize your site), you will have to go through the tedious and lengthy process of applying for Adsense (and it usually takes quite a bit of time to receive application approval for most people).  Another aspect that is worth noting, you will have to spend a great deal of time writing your SEO (the Yoast SEO plugin is a great place to start).

How To Write A Blog Post: For Beginners!

How To Make Money Online—4 Free Easy Ways Want to start the process of making money online? Do you have the ability to write? If you answered Yes to these two questions, then there is no reason why you can't begin the groundwork for earning money online, today—without any out-of-pocket expense! Here, I share with you how to quickly become a published writer for FREE & get on the path to getting paid.—Again, Wix too is highly customizable, user friendly and totally free to use. However, like Wordpress, if you are looking to eventually monetize your blog, you will have to pay for a premium package to do this. Like Wordpress, you will also have to dedicate a great deal of time writing SEO for your blog (that is if you want people to find your site in search engines over time).

BLOGGER—I saved the best for last. Blogger is hands-down my TOP pick for a blogging platform (this site is on the Blogger platform). Like Wix and Wordpress, Blogger is entirely free to use. Why is Blogger my absolute favorite?

Here is My Little List of Blogger Awesomeness

  1. There are plenty of ways to customize Blogger to your tastes (just Google Blogger templates) You'll find great templates for free and some that are for a modest price if you want a more premium look. You can read How To Install a New Website Theme to Blogger to see how easy it is to change the look of your site. The post also shares sites that are safe and offer some sharp looking free and premium theme templates. 
  2. Blogger is a Google Owned platform. Signing up is super easy with your Google/Gmail account. Making it even more simple to streamline your webmaster work (Google Analytics, Google Console, Google 360, Google Adsense, etc.).
  3. Again, Blogger is a Google Owned platform! What does that mean? That means, hooking up with Google Adsense for your blog is a BREEZE! Blogger has a built-in 'Earnings' section on your Blogger account. When you have a sufficient amount of posts (content)—tip, gaining Adsense approval usually takes writing at least 10 content rich postsGoogle will automatically approve you (just be sure to keep checking the earnings section of your Blogger for the approval and follow the simple steps to start generating money from your blog)! 
  4. Yet again, Blogger is a Google Owned platform! This means that your blog is already optimized for Google bots (the algorithm that crawls your site and indexes it for search results)! That saves you enormous time when it comes to site errors, SEO, and more! Seriously, on any other platform, writing and optimizing on the backend of your site is a bear to wrestle with! It can literally be a full-time job for anyone. With Blogger, you don't have to worry about optimizing and re-optimizing your site everytime Google updates their crawlers. Blogger stays optimized all on its own. I personally have a total of 6 different blogs via Blogger and have never had to deal with the arduous work of tooling and retooling my site to stay up to date with Google's latest updates, or fix any 404 errors for that matter! I also do webmaster work for a local company where I live that uses a Wordpress based site, and I can't tell you the hours I have spent and currently spend on fixing structural data issues, 404 crawler errors, indexing errors, etc. If your goal is to blog, then Blogger is no doubt, the cleaner, most user-friendly choice. Not to mention, it must help to be using the blogging platform of the search engine company/service you're trying to gain high search rankings on—just saying.
  5. Domain routing is super easy and free to do with Blogger! Another huge bonus! While many sites will charge you some sort of fee to route a purchased domain that you own to your blog (that's if you want a .com rather than a URL that looks something like this -> Here's my How-To on how to do this How To Connect Your GoDaddy Domain to An Existing Site
  6. And, Finally—Blogger allows you to create multiple blogs (all streamlined with your Blogger account—allowing you to directly navigate to each one with a simple click of a drop-down menu on your account page). All of which you have the freedom to monetize (when you have sufficient amount of content of course).

How To Start A Blog on For Beginners

As you can see, there are many awesome perks you receive by using the Blogger platform. However, if you are just blogging for fun, Wordpress or Wix are excellent choices as well.  

BUT, if you have the intention to monetize your site and gain search ranking, Blogger is definitely the most friendly way to step out onto that path!

 How To Make Money Blogging

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