How To Monetize Your Blog or Website

If you have a blog or are thinking about starting a blog and want to learn how you can start earning money with it, you've come to the right place! This simple, short post will help you get started out on the path to monetizing your passion—Today!


First off, you can monetize your blog using almost any website or blogging platform. For me personally, I prefer Blogger as you can start your blog and monetize it without spending a dime. Most popular platforms such as Wordpress or Wix require you to purchase a premium subscription in order to place ads on your website—Blogger does not!

I'm going to write this post under the assumption that you've made the pennywise decision of going with Blogger as your platform—although, if you are using another platform like Wordpress, these quick tips will work for you as well—you'll just need to do a bit more work and spend a little money to get going. I don't like to fill my posts with a load of boring, unuseful fluff. So, lets' get to the meat.


The king of site monetization.  Since you have your Blogger account already created, you're one step closer to monetizing your little home on the web. Now, the cool thing about Blogger is you don't have to have a special dot com in order to incorporate Adsense. Blogger allows you to use your free Blogspot address to make money with your blog (when you created your account, you had to create a blog title and a custom blogspot url that looked something like this

To get started, you need to go into your 'Earnings' section of your Blogger account in the Admin Dashboard.


In the Earnings section you will likely see a screen message that says something like 'Turn your passion into profit'—here you can click 'How To Qualify For Adsense' to learn more on how to get started!  

TIPTo quickly qualify for Adsense, the key I found (and I have done this multiple times and it works every time) is to have at least 10 (10 is usually the magic number) content rich posts (that includes at least 3 quality images, videos help, and plenty of writing).  

Once you have at least 10 content rich posts, you wait—there's nothing you need to do from this point (except, keep writing), Google automatically will crawl your site and when the bots have registered enough of your blog content, approval will automatically commence. It is typical for Adsense approval to take a week or so (sometimes 2 weeks if you don't currently have an Adsense account). For those of you that may already have an Adsense account (maybe you have it via Hubpages or a similar site), approval usually takes just a few days.


TIP—it's worth noting that some important things to do during the waiting period (other than blogging new posts) is to connect your site to Google Console and Google Analytics. Connecting your site(s) to these helps you monitor your traffic, give insight to what you can do to improve SEO in order to rank better in Google Search results and also (and most importantly) Verify your site ownership via Google (which is a MUST).

Typically, you will receive an email from Google notifying you that you've been approved. However, the email doesn't always come. So, it is best to check from time-to-time in your earnings section of your Blogger Admin Dashboard. You'll know you're approved when the message screen is different. It will say something like 'put your adsense to use'. Easy peasy! Just follow the simple instructions they supply right there! 

How To Make Money Blogging

TIP—in the case of approval taking longer than 2 weeks, you can contact Google Adsense.  How To Contact Google Adsense When You Have a Question or Problem

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 How To Set Up Google Adsense Account for Your Blog or YouTube Channel



What are affiliate programs? Simple, most major companies have some sort of affiliate programs for those of us that have websites/blogs.  They will give you specific codes that you can place in various places on your website that will display their ads. When those ads are clicked and items are purchased (it may not be a purchase, it could be a simple call-to-action *like 'click here to sign up for such-and-such') and that action is completed, you will receive some sort of fee for that click. Most sites/companies that I have come across don't have any specific requirements as far as what you need to have on your site in order to participate—however, there are some that will require that your site contains complimentary content to the sorts of products they offer.

Affiliate programs should not require any money from you in order to participate and most (not all) will require an approval process. Finding affiliate programs is simple. Think of any company you'd like to have ads for on your site and type into your Google search 'name of company affiliate program'.  For me personally, I love using the Amazon Associate's program. It's Super simple to get started and Amazon is used by MILLIONS of people, so their ads are Trusted and because of that, more people are more inclined to click on them. Not to mention, they have a wide array of ad options to customize and choose from—you can even create textual ads for specific products if you choose! They also have a Bounty Ad Program where you can actually earn a few dollars everytime someone clicks the ad and completes the action (like signing up for Kindle Unlimited for Free for 30 days).

Notethe coolest aspect about using affiliate ads is that once you create your account with said company, you're ready to roll! The amount of content is not as necessary as it is with Google Adsense. So, while you wait for Adsense to be approved, you could already be placing ads on your site using your affiliate links and banners! When Google is approved, then you have total freedom to choose where to place those ads and still use your affiliate ads throughout your site—just be mindful of any restrictions that any ad program you choose to use has.

How To Get Amazon Affiliate Links for Your Blog and Website


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