How to Find Military Discounts

Thanks to the appreciation and good will of big and small businesses, there are plenty of discount benefits for Military Veterans. Discover popular places where you can save money because you served.  NOTE—The list of retailers and restaurants below is updated periodically.


Having the Right Credentials

I've been an Army Veteran for almost 20 years now. When I first transitioned from soldier to private citizen (in the 1990's), there were some civilian benefits to being a Veteran, yet not talked about nor publicized very much. You had to do some heavy digging to find out any information that would be beneficial to a Veteran. Now, here in the 2000's, things have changed and expanded for Military Veterans, big time!
In this article, I'm going to share the various places we as Veterans can receive outstanding everyday shopping discounts. I remember when I first learned of the places that honored military discounts, the first thing I thought was, "You mean I could have been saving money all of this time?!".
Some of these you may already know, and some may be a surprise to you. The one thing you need, to take advantage of the numerous discounts is a valid ID showing you have served.
Here is a short list of universally accepted forms of ID:
  • A VAHIC (The Veteran Health Identification Card -as a VA health care enrollee, this is what I have and use) If you do not have one, you can go to to enroll. Once approved, you will go to your nearest VA clinic or Hospital and have your photo taken, and card printed.
  • "You can access and print a free Veterans identification proof of service letter through the joint VA/DoD web portal, eBenefits. This serves as proof of honorable service in the Uniformed Services, as defined in laws about the Department of Defense (DoD). Veterans can get a free eBenefits account by going to" (
  • You can get a Veterans Designation on your state driver's license (currently available in 49 states, they are looking to have all 50 by August 2017). All you have to do is go to your local DMV and show them your DD214. At no cost to you, they will print you a license with your Veterans Designation.
  • "Veterans who have retired from military service can receive an identification card from DoD. For information on obtaining or renewing such a card, please contact your nearest DoD identification card facility. You can find the location of these establishments through this link:" (
  • DD214. I'm not sure if this would suffice. I don't see why not, though, your information is on an official military document outlining your service. I would think you could use this in conjunction with your driver's license (to prove you are who you say you are).
  • VFW membership card. I can't promise that this would work every time, but I have seen businesses honor the Veterans Discount with only a VFW card.
  • American Legion membership card. Again, no promises here, some places are a bit picky about seeing official identification, but I think if the VFW card is acceptable at some locations, perhaps the American Legion card would be too.
While the last three options are a bit iffy to me (even though, I have seen the VFW card work), I would recommend taking the time to contact the above links and begin the process of obtaining a proper, official veterans status identification card/letter.

Start making a habit of just asking, "Do you have a Military discount?"

You could be saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year, by taking advantage of the countless military discounts available to you.

Popular Businesses That Regularly Offer Veteran Discounts

Here is a list of popular stores that honor Veterans by offering discounts.
  • Home Depot -they offer all Veterans (with proper ID) a 10% discount year round
  • Lowe's -Also offers Veterans a 10% discount year round (with proper ID)
  • Buffalo Wild Wings -up to 10% discount with proper ID
  • Outback Steakhouse -up to 15% discount with proper ID
  • Wilson’s Leather -10% discount with proper ID
  • Verizon Wireless -they will supply a discount from your monthly bill with proper ID of Veterans status.
  • Walgreens -Every Tuesday they offer a 10% discount
  • Zaxby's -offers a 10% discount with ID
  • Wyndham Hotels -Discounts vary with location, be sure to have your ID upon Check-In.
  • Wendy's -Discounts vary, have your ID on hand
  • Under Armor Outlet Store -10% Discount with ID
  • Travelodge -Discounts vary, have your ID on hand
  • Toyota -$500.00 Off for first time buyers, must have ID
  • Sizzler -Discounts vary, have ID on hand
  • Subway -10% Off with ID (outside of a military town)
  • Taco Bell -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Texas Roadhouse -up to 30% Off with ID
  • Longhorn Steakhouse -10% Discount with ID
  • The Melting Pot -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Sonic -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Spencer's Gifts -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Sizzler -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Regal Movie Theaters -Matinee Prices for ALL showtimes with an ID
  • Quizno's -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Ramada Inn -10%- 30% Depending on location and availability, have ID
  • Sally's Beauty Supply -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Nike Store Outlets -10% Discount with ID
  • Old Navy Outlets -10% Discount with ID
  • Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! museums -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Samsonite -15% Off with ID
  • Schlotzky’s Deli -30% Off with ID
  • Shoney's -15% Off (at participating locations)
  • Red Robin's -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Ralph Lauren Outlets -10% Off with ID
  • Pro Flowers -Discounts vary
  • Panda Express -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Popeye's -10% Discount with ID
  • O'Reilly Auto Parts -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Michael's -10% Off every Wednesday, have ID
  • Napa Auto Parts -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Payless Shoe Source -10% Off with ID
  • Papa Murphy's -up to 50% Off one pizza at participating locations
  • KFC -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Long John Silver's -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Lonestar Steakhouse -10% Off Everyday, 20% Off on Monday's, have ID
  • Kohl's -Up to 15% Off at participating locations, have ID
  • Lady Foot Locker -20% Off with ID
  • Jiffy Lube -10% Off with ID
  • IHOP -Discounts vary, have ID
  • GNC -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Hooters -10% Off with ID
  • The GAP -Discounts vary at participating locations, have ID
  • Friendly's Icecream Stores/Restaurants -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Golden Corral -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Foot Locker -20% Off with ID
  • Forever 21 -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Dunkin’ Donuts -Veteran's Advantage Members receive 10% Off on orders placed online.
  • Ci Ci's Pizza -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Cracker Barrel -10% - 15% Off with ID, Managers Discretion
  • Dairy Queen -10% Off at participating locations
  • Boston Market -20% Off with ID
  • Budget Truck Rental -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Uhaul -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Captain D's -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Carl's Jr. -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Arby's -Discounts vary at participating locations, have ID
  • Amtrak -10% Off, have ID
  • Applebees -Discounts vary at participating locations, have ID
  • Chick Fil A -Discounts vary, have ID
  • Foot Action -20% Off with ID
  • Midas -10% Off with ID
  • Pizza Hut -Discounts vary, have ID


There are more businesses than I can list that offer Military Veteran discounts. Start making a habit of just asking, "Do you have a Military discount?". More times than not, you'll be surprised at how many of them say YES!

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