How To Love Your Curly Hair

Having curly hair can be a love-hate relationship. Here are 10 reasons why straight haired people love your curls and you should too!


Curly Hair

I've had curly hair most of my life. It seemed to transition from very wavy to very curly during my adolescent years (this is a common biological occurrence). For many years I fought the natural ways of my hair (this was before flat irons were popular). During my teens and twenties, my hair stayed in
ponytails and messy buns. I didn't start embracing my hair until my thirties.

Then, I hit my late thirties and decided to buy and try the flat iron. I straightened my hair on and off for years after. While I enjoyed my hair being a bit more simple (and I like simple), it did begin to take a toll on my strands. I also despised the fact that I was always worried about it getting wet (rain, humidity, drizzle, etc.), and I didn't like that I had to keep touching up my hair to fight my curls from coming back to life. I was beginning to feel the frustration of being overly concerned about my hair at any given moment.

Now, in my forties, I'm done fighting my hair's nature. In other articles, I talk about following Tao (the way, the natural way). It doesn't make much sense to me to fight the Tao of my natural hair. Super curly is its natural state, and honestly, I think it looks the prettiest that way. So, by following a few very simple rules and curly hair truths, my hair is always easy and always manageable.

Here are the three most essential, important curly hair rules:
  • Only wash every two to three days (try to avoid shampoo if possible, conditioner works wonders on curly hair)
  • Do not brush. Brushing only creates a frizzy disaster. I only brush my hair when it is wet, using a wet brush.
  • Don't use heavy products. I only use natural oils such as coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, or my favorite grapeseed oil
If you follow these three top rules, you will come to understand how less is more when it comes to caring and loving your curls. Since there is a major anti-curl attitude in our society, I wanted to add my little list of positive curl inspiration for those girls out there that are on the fence about going natural, and for those that just love to bask in some curl love.

This article isn't to say that straight hair isn't gorgeous. It is! Just look at the multi-million dollar hair-straightening industry that agrees. Besides, I'm sure I wasn't the only curly headed young lady in my generation, wishing for Marsha Brady's long straight locks. The truth of it is, straight hair gets all of the attention and love. Today, we're carving out a place of appreciation for all of those beautiful, effervescent curls.

Here Are 10 Reasons Why You Should Love Your Curls


#1 Curly Hair is Sexy

Most men will agree that long curly hair is flat out sexy. All you need to do is run a Google image
search for the phrase "Sexy Hair," and you will find that over 95% of the women that appear, have super wavy or curly hair. It is a mixture of full body and curves that give that sultry look to any woman confident enough to wear them.

#2 No Two Curls are Alike

Next time you go out to the grocery store or the mall, take a good look around. You'll notice that there are far fewer women rocking curls. A full head of vivacious locks bouncing in all directions is not only eye-catching but also unique in a crowd of straight and wavy haired heads. And while we are on the topic of uniqueness, it's also worth noting that no two heads of curly hair are the same. For that matter, no two curls are the same (like snowflakes and personalities). That alone is worth celebrating.

#3 Curly Locks Make You Look Younger

There's something about all of those unique curls dancing in the wind; they possess a youthful quality all on their own. Instead of cursing your crazy hair, consider it a blessing. While straight hair can seem to make a face appear longer and at times older, curly hair appears to do the opposite for the individual, naturally. The voluminous springs going in all directions has a child-like quality. Lifting and brightening the appearance of the person. There's a feeling of fun and adventure one evokes with a head full of vibrant curls. Curls are innately airy, bubbly, and fun.

#4 Curls are Wild and Free

Along with that youthful spirit of adventure, the wearer of the natural curl gives off a sense of self-assuredness. For the curly haired woman who wears her hair with pride, she exudes an air of confidence and freedom. She knows who she is and she shares it liberally; making her more attractive and intriguing to others. The curly haired woman radiates comfort, compassion, and understanding. People gain an immediate sense that this is a person that is relaxed and comfortable with who they are. Big curly hair subconsciously sends out a message to others, that you are kind and approachable.


#5 Curly Hair is Naturally Elegant

That's right. Curly hair is fancy just the way it is. While others spend countless dollars and hours in their bathrooms or at the salon to achieve that perfect head of curls, you just woke up like that, naturally. Throw a barrette or a bobby pin in your hair, or put it in a quick bun with a soft scrunchie, and voila! You and your curly tresses are ready to attend any formal occasion.

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#6 Those Cute Spirals and Coils are Always Ready to Go

Curly hair doesn't take as much effort to do each day as other hair types. There's no blow drying, flat ironing, or "styling" that is needed to look good. A beautiful, healthy head of curls is naturally full of body and life all its own. Maybe a little touch of coconut or grapeseed oil, and you're ready to go!

#7 You Look Like a Greek Goddess

Who doesn't want to look like a Greek Goddess? Guess what? They all had long extremely wavy or curly hair. Big, bouncy, shiny, healthy hair adds to your natural beauty and femininity. Celebrate that by treating your curly locks to deep conditioning hair masks, choosing natural oils to use on your hair instead of chemical products, and regular trimming. When you're a curly girl, the first thing people notice is your beautiful hair, so be sure to devote a day or two a month to loving it.

#8 Curly Hair Saves You A Lot of Time

Every curly headed girl knows that washing our curls daily, is a definite no-no. Curly hair is naturally drier hair, and over washing it can lead to a dry, frizzy mess. Since we only need to wash our hair every two to three days, that leaves us extra time to get more important things done. And with the bonus of reason #6, our hair requires very little styling (if any). There's more extra time to spend doing things other than our hair!

#9 If You're Wearing Your Natural Curls, Get Ready for the Compliments

I've worn my long hair curly for more years than I've worn it straight (using a flat iron or hair dryer). I can tell you first hand; I never, ever received compliments on my hair when it was straight (regardless of the time, effort, and money I invested in it to get it like that). However, I can't even begin to tell you how many times my hair had and has been the envy of other women (even on days where I had been physically working all day and not looking so hot). That's the magic of naturally curly hair, it doesn't need a lot of effort to look good.

#10 Embracing Your Curls Equals Embracing Effortless Beauty

Stemming off of reason #9, like I mentioned, even after physically working hard all day, I would still receive compliments on my hair. Curly hair looks lively and beautifully flamboyant, no matter the situation. You can wear it wild and down or throw it up in a scrunchie, and it will always look exotic and chic. Have fun with your hair. There are so many hairstyles curly girls can wear in a matter of seconds that would take others hours to accomplish. Practice embracing your beautiful curls. They are as unique as you are, and your most valuable accessory!

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