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How To Create a Clickable Phone Number on Your Website for Smartphones

So, you're working on a website and everything looks and works great, until you test it out on a mobile device.  You find that the phone numbers across your site are only pulling up as simple un-clickable text. If you are interested in building a website that is as User Friendly as possible, continue reading below to see just how fast and easy it is to fix your issue.

Make Phone Numbers Clickable by Smartphone,executing the call function when pressed source: jeshoots via pixabay

How Do You Make Phone Numbers Clickable by Smartphone—executing the call function when pressed?

The solution is super simple!  When typing your phone numbers on your website, you must insert specific HTML code that will allow the smartphone to recognize the action as a call execution function.

Here is what your code should look like

<a href="tel:1-234-567-8910">1-234-567-8910</a> 


To simplify this even further, it is worth noting that the hyphenated number is not necessary.  

You may also type your code as such

<a href="tel:12345678910">12345678910</a>

Another cool thing you can do with this text is to create clickable text instead of displaying the
physical phone number.  The text can say whatever you'd like.

Check out this example, here

<a href="tel:12345678910">Click Here to Contact Us!</a>

 This code above will make your clickable phone number only appear as a link that says, "Click Here to Contact Us!".  Remember, you can change the text to say whatever you'd like.

Creating Clickable Numbers for Smartphones is Super Simple and Extremely Useful—via stokpic pixabay

That's it!
Super Simple and Extremely Useful!

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